Volvo's New Roam Delivery Service

Volvo is already widely recognized as one of the safest automakers today, as vehicle designers and engineers have put a tremendous emphasis on driver and passenger safety. And while safety is great, Volvo may soon be adding another moniker to be known by.

Perhaps the world's most convenient car?

This all comes on the heels of a recent pilot project Volvo tested in Gothenburg, Sweden, which it unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. The concept is called "Roam Delivery" and it's a service that will bring goods and products directly to your parked car, rather than to the front door of your home or apartment. Think of it as like an enhanced version of a fast food drive-thru.

Here's how the Roam Delivery system works:

  • Step 1: You go online and order something. For the record, Volvo tested the service with groceries, but this concept could be applied to just about anything that can be ordered online.

  • Step 2: The receiving company will prepare your order for shipment and send it out.

  • Step 3: However, when your order is prepared for shipment, it won't be sent to your home address, instead, via apps and GPS coordinates, it will be shipped to the whereabouts of your Volvo vehicle.

  • Step 4: After the delivery person finds your Volvo, which is likely parked, they'll be granted a one-time use digital key to the trunk of your car via a mobile app, where they'll then be able to temporarily open your trunk to deliver the goods.

  • Step 5: After completing the delivery, the delivery person will shut your trunk, thereby locking the vehicle again, and proceed to move on to their next Volvo delivery. And you'll get a text saying everything is good to go. 

Sounds pretty simple. And while some may argue that delivery to your front door is just as - if not more effective - there are a few ways that this could prove to be advantageous over the traditional delivery means. For instance, if you're ordering a birthday or Christmas gift for a loved one and you don't want to risk them possibly seeing it when the UPS truck pulls up. Or if you just can't stand the thought of making that one extra stop on the way home to pick up milk or a loaf of bread. Hmm, maybe Volvo can even partner with a gas vendor so that your tank can be filled up while you're at work and it's nearing "E." The possibilities are truly endless with this type of service, and while Volvo has yet to release any partners, Roam Delivery could wind up changing the path of "home" delivery as we know it. 

Aside from announcing that the service has undergone testing, Volvo has been mum on the other details of Roam Delivery. We already told you that it isn't specifying any partnerships, but it’s also remaining mum on when this technology will be rolled out across the Volvo fleet. And for good reason - there are likely kinks which need to be worked out. Like, what happens if your Volvo isn’t parked at the time of delivery? Or can the delivery person really be trusted with your unlocked car?

So until then, we wait. And we think of all the possibilities.

For more information on Volvo's Roam Delivery service - and to test drive a Volvo car - stop in to O'Steen Volvo today. Who knows, in a few months you might just be able to have deliveries shipped to it.
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