Pre-Owned Process at O’Steen Volvo

If you're interested in purchasing a new Volvo or are interested in the certified pre-owned process, the best place to start is your local dealership in Jacksonville, FL. A salesperson would be glad to help direct you to the Volvo of your dreams whether it's used or new.

Used Versus New

Buying a new vehicle is always fun but don't skip over the used ones. Not only will buying a used Volvo save you thousands of dollars but there are many used ones that are in great driving condition close to or as good as the brand new ones. Why spend more when you can save yourself time and money with a certified pre-owned Volvo?

The Pre-Owned Program

The Volvo Certified Pre-Owned Program is quick and painless. You will be pleased when you purchase a Volvo that's passed the certified pre-owned process. You'll have multiple benefits that include but are not limited to: towing service, car theft protection up to $5,000, a warranty up to six years or 100,000 miles, 24/7 roadside assistance and a Carfax buyback guarantee so if you encounter any issues shortly after purchasing your Volvo, Carfax will take it off your hands and buy it back. You may also qualify for special financing. Be sure to check with a salesperson for more details.

Certified Pre-Owned Process Rules

With a certified pre-owned process so easy to use, why buy new? Enjoy a vehicle that's meant to last. Volvo wants you to be happy with your purchase. That's why there are certain rules that have been set into place to make sure that you receive only the best previously owned Volvo. These rules include: The Volvo can't be more than five years old, the miles on the odometer can't exceed 80,000 miles, and the vehicle must pass a 130 point inspection.

You'll be pleased with the way Volvo designed the certified pre-owned process. You'll also be happy with the price. Everyone loves saving money and Volvo loves loves to see customers happy in their vehicles. It's a win-win for everyone so contact your salesperson about a certified pre-owned Volvo today. You'll be glad you did.

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