I am sure you are asking yourself, what is a Red Key?

Have you ever thought about being able to control how someone drives your car?  Ever wonder if you can make sure they don’t turn the volume up on the vehicle too loud so they are distracted and can hear everything around them?  Now you can!

Volvo’s Red Key is a special key for the car owner who wants the car driven safely and the passengers protected. The "Red" helps parents, for example, encourage young adults to drive responsibly. The key allows you to set volume limits on the radio, limit the top speed, and make sure all safety features remain on.  

The Red Key is an accessory that can be purchased at O’Steen Volvo and added to any 2016 XC90.  It will be programmed to your XC90.

Please contact an O’Steen Volvo sales person for more details at 904-396-5486.

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