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Transmission Repair
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If your car has difficulty switching gears, seek transmission repair in Jacksonville at our service center. At our dealership, we sell top-quality Volvo vehicles, but we also help keep them in great shape. Our factory-trained and -certified technicians perform everything from routine maintenance to more serious automotive repairs, with the ultimate goal of keeping you as safe on the roads as possible and extending the overall lifespan of your car or SUV. Learn more about the services we perform in general and transmission repair in Jacksonville, FL, on the page below.

Understanding the Role of a Transmission

Your transmission channels specific amounts of power from your engine to the car's wheels on command. Vehicles often have either a manual or automatic transmission. The first requires the driver to personally select the car's gear, while the second system does this automatically on drives.

This way, manual transmissions can offer you more control but can also distract you during your commute. Automatic systems are more convenient, which is why teen drivers are usually taught on an automatic transmission car. Automatic transmission setups tend to be more prevalent nowadays due to their popularity.

Signs You Need Transmission Repair in Jacksonville

Your car will often give you warning signs when it's feeling unwell. If you find a pool of sweet-smelling red liquid under your car in Jacksonville, FL, you likely have a transmission fluid leak. A burning smell could mean a problem for your transmission system or an overheating engine. Regardless, you should make an appointment to see our team ASAP.

You should also make an appointment for transmission repair in Jacksonville, FL, if your sedan or SUV keeps slipping out of gear, won't switch gears at all, or if you can't get your car to go from "Park" to "Drive."

If you have an active Volvo New Car Limited Warranty, it should cover most engine, drivetrain, or transmission repairs.1 However, you'll need to go to a certified Volvo service department like ours. Contact our staff if you have specific questions about your warranty terms.

Transmission Maintenance Tips

Advice can vary slightly depending on if you have an automatic or manual transmission. In the case of the former, you should pull out the dipstick resting in the transmission fluid regularly to ensure that it is at the correct level, is the right color (typically bright red), and doesn't have an odd smell. If you notice a problem, have the transmission flushed.

It is less important to check the fluid yourself in a manual transmission vehicle because you should take your car into our service center in Jacksonville for flushes much more regularly (usually every 30,000-60,000 miles). Using the correct transmission fluid is just as crucial as having the interval right, so talk to the team at our transmission repair shop in Jacksonville if you have any questions.

You should also avoid resting with one foot on the brake pedal while driving. Commuting regularly through heavy stop-and-go traffic can increase the rate at which you need transmission fluid replacement.

Count on Our Transmission Repair Shop in Jacksonville

If you suspect a problem with your transmission, make an appointment for transmission repair in Jacksonville. Our team can diagnose and resolve the issue, whether it stems from this component or a related one. You can also trust us for other automotive services. For example, if you've been wondering where to find a "car battery shop near me," look no further. We can help you custom-order the right parts for your model and year. Then, our team can install them, prioritizing your convenience at every corner. Contact us today to arrange whatever you need.

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