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Driving through your neighborhood in a used 575 Maranello for sale will let everyone know exactly how you roll.

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Are you looking for a 6-speed manual transmission for sale, speed-tailored accents throughout an extremely aerodynamic frame, and the signature style behind both contemporary racing champions and greats of yesteryear? We thought so. Ferrari brings something different to the table that you can sense as soon as you sit in the cockpit and get ready to go for broke. There's nothing else that drives like the result of generations that have always tried to get into a car and go faster than they did yesterday while looking good doing so.

The used 575 Maranello for sale and Ferrari Superamerica models we have in stock in Jacksonville, FL, are ideal examples of this commitment coming to life. Check them out before somebody else captures the Ferrari spirit and gets to glide through the highway on the back of an engine made to move mountains.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Used 575 Maranello for Sale

When word gets around that vintage classics are on the block just up the block at our used-car dealer in Jacksonville, curious car lovers come by in droves. These collectible automotive classics are highly coveted by car lovers everywhere that want to make a statement with an unparalleled history of high speed. Here are some of the questions we're already receiving about our 2003 Ferrari Maranello cars and the beautiful Ferrari Superamerica that's the unquestioned star of our showroom.

How many Ferrari Superamerica cars were made?

In 2006, Ferrari debuted a true masterpiece in high-performance precision and artistic excellence: the 575M Superamerica. Considered by experts to be a convertible version of the same used 575 Maranello for sale model you'll find at our store, this car married interior flash to fury in perfect harmony. As a result of being such an evolution in design, these cars were craved by the general public. Ultimately, Ferrari released an extremely limited number of Ferrari Superamerica cars. A quick and brief production of just 559 total automobiles aligned perfectly with Enzo Ferrari's theory of providing one less car than what the market demanded. As you can imagine with such a small supply, these cars are highly coveted to this day by those that love convertible cars and Ferrari alike.

What is a Ferrari Maranello?

The Ferrari 575M Maranello (Type F133) is like a bolt of lightning captured inside two doors. This speedy, airstream bullet comes from the legendary Italian automobile manufacturer Ferrari and is a Grand tourer that embodies grandeur. After emerging from the shadows back in 2002, the bright and beautiful car of speed-demon dreams burst onto the scene to much fanfare. To this day, few cars stop onlookers in their tracks with the gravitational gravitas of a used 575 Maranello for sale. It's a showstopper no matter where you take it.

How much is a Ferrari 575?

As neither of these cars is a spring chicken, their price and value can vary greatly according to condition, owner history, wear-and-tear, and various other factors. That's why you should only purchase something of this value from a certified, pre-owned dealer with a history of integrity and transparency; you'll find that in our used sports cars for sale section, and you shouldn't accept anything less.

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Our team members have knowledge of the entire sports car industry past and present, and can tell you the original MSRP of the Ferrari was over $230,000. Nothing is more gratifying than being able to put our knowledge and passion for cars to use to help our neighbors find the cars of their dreams.

We can't wait to welcome you through our doors and take you through our scintillating selection of sports cars. We bet we have one that's your speed. Give us a call at a time of your convenience, or contact us today at any time online. We can't wait to meet you and show off our beautiful batch of used 575 Maranello for sale.

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