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Someone once said that our lives are only as good as the stories that we tell — the Volvo European Delivery program will help you tell an amazing story! In short, Volvo European Delivery is an incentive that allows shoppers to experience their new vehicle at the factory in Sweden. Volvo Cars will fly you and a guest to Sweden, where you'll be treated to a first-class car delivery service from start to finish. There are tons of details, and Volvo Cars handles all the key points. Could this program even be real? It is. And lots of our customers take advantage! For all inquiries, contact us here or scroll below to get all the details.

Holy Smokes! My Volvo Car & A Free Trip to Sweden!

We know what you're probably thinking. This is too good to be true & that there's something in the fine print. Well, there isn't. That's not how Volvo Cars does things. This innovative program allows you to configure your new Volvo vehicle with special Volvo delivery program pricing. Other jaw-dropping benefits include:

  • Opportunity to select rare European market features
  • Volvo European Delivery program incentives off your MSRP
  • Volvo Overseas Delivery package with airfare for two, European tags and insurance, and complimentary shipping for your Volvo vehicle to return home to you.
  • A special guided tour of the Gothenburg Volvo Cars factory
  • Multiple Volvo Overseas Delivery drop-off locations (for your travel convenience)

You might have thought that your new Volvo car or SUV delivery could only happen right here in Jacksonville. And, of course, we'd love to see you drive off in your new Volvo vehicle. But if you're up for an experience of a lifetime, we're all about listening to that amazing story you're going to tell us when you return.

This Is the Part When We Say, "But Wait, There's More."

Why? Because there is! Now that you're interested in the Volvo European Delivery program, it's time to imagine what the experience will actually be like. In a word: amazing. But, let's look at your itinerary:

  • Your Order. You work with us to build a Volvo vehicle unlike any other out there. She'll be a mix of your favorite North American Market features, plus European Market features made available only through this program.

  • Your Arrival. Your Volvo Cars concierge will be there at the gate to pick you up when you arrive. They'll take you to your hotel, answer any questions that you may have, and return in the morning to take you to our Factory Delivery Center (FDC).

  • Your Reception. Your FDC team will celebrate your new vehicle with you at the factory. They'll show you around, show you where to relax, and offer refreshments before your vehicle delivery begins.

  • Your Volvo European Delivery. Your Volvo Car specialist will present your new vehicle and take you through the ins and outs. The presentation will be comprehensive — but not so lengthy that it would interfere with the next and most crucial step.

  • Your Lunch. With all this excitement, you're sure to work up an appetite. Recharge and get ready to take your Volvo vehicle for a spin after a gourmet lunch at our FDC restaurant.

  • Your Factory Tour. Walk off some of the local delicacies before sliding behind the wheel and see the factory with your FDC guides. Our FDC Experience specialists will make sure that you have a blast (and learn a few surprising facts, too).

  • Your Adventure. With the afternoon in full view, we understand that you might be itching to take your new Volvo car or SUV for a spin. We'll make some fantastic suggestions, but feel free to head out your own way if you so desire.

Plan your trip with your sales specialist at O'Steen Volvo Cars, your premier Volvo dealer in Jacksonville. How long can you spend in Europe? Volvo Cars covers your temporary tags and insurance for up to two weeks. So if you'd like to stay for that amount of time overseas, we encourage you to do so.

We're sure you still have questions, so we put together this brief FAQ that covers additional details about the Volvo European Delivery Program:

Is Volvo European Delivery a good deal?

Overseas delivery from Volvo Cars offers tremendous value if you plan to take that European road trip you've always dreamed of. The Volvo Cars overseas delivery program lets you pick up your new Volvo vehicle directly from the factory in Gothenburg, Sweden, then enjoy a summer abroad without ever needing to rent a car or purchase train tickets. Build your car to give you everything you need for a grand tour.

Does Volvo Cars really fly you to Sweden?

Yup, yup, and yes. All that's required is your order of a brand new Volvo vehicle, and we'll see you at the factory in Gothenburg in no time!

What is the Volvo Overseas Delivery Program?

No smoke. No mirrors. No gimmicks. This is just a great way to immerse yourself in the vehicle, brand, people, and culture that inspires everything Volvo Cars. Speak with your sales specialist about your personal interests. With several different versions of the Volvo Overseas Delivery program, you can tailor your experience to your tastes.

Your European Adventure Starts Here

There's more to the world of Volvo Cars than just safety. Sure, safety has defined who we are for nearly 100 years, but it's the human experience that we're always after. Your passions, concerns, and needs matter to us. Our team members will do everything in their power to ensure you understand the pricing, product, and service right from the start. So whether you grab one of our new Volvo cars for sale in Florida at our sun-filled showroom or take part in the Volvo Overseas Shipping & Delivery program, you're going to have a fantastic experience! Your next Volvo vehicle is waiting. Give us a call!

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