Volvo Saved My Life Stories

Mike Nicoletti's Story

My daughter, then a sophomore at Duke University, was driving back to school after spring break in 1995.  A friend was driving her 1987 Volvo 240 DL.  She was making a left turn into a gas station at night in a driving rain storm that greatly restricted her visibility.  The friend did not see the pick up truck coming at her at 45 mph.  The truck hit them almost head on.  The friend was totally unhurt.  Our daughter also walked away with just a sprained foot!
The car was totaled but it did its job!  My wife and I have owned 7 Volvos over the years-  an 87 740 GLE station wagon, an 87 240 DL, a 940 SW, a 960 sedan, an S70,  and now an S80.  We also lost the 87 740 GLE SW when it was rear ended at high speed by a minivan.  My wife walked away from that one also.

Ellen Middleton's Story

I was 25 years old and newly married, when Volvo saved my life. As we looked at new cars in 1973, another customer was picking up her new red Volvo wagon. She told us, "My last Volvo was totaled. My four kids and I walked away from the wreck! I'll never drive anything else." I pictured the horrible scene. "That's wonderful!" I said. But we were young and wanted a Volvo because it would last us 10 to 20 years. No. It wouldn't.

Less than two months later, we headed home from a hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. On a rain-slick mountain road, our new Volvo slid out of control. It crashed into a semi truck, bounced off the truck, hit a guardrail, and then hit the semi again. The car was crushed in on 3 sides! But, thanks to Volvo engineering, the passenger compartment was intact. An iron skillet in the trunk was crushed, but the driver was not injured. I, the front passenger, was hurt because I had my seat back lowered all the way. I slid under the shoulder harness and hit my head on the back of the driver's seat. Severe trauma! Not good, but a story with a happy ending. I recovered and have had a full and successful life since then. Volvo and I are both even stronger and safer now. I'll never drive anything else. Volvo! I always know my car has my back!

James White's Story

 A Volvo may very well have saved my daughter's lives. My 16 year old was driving and they t-boned a large truck and walked away without so much as a scratch.



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