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Getting Volvo tire alignment in Jacksonville, FL, is sometimes necessary to keep you in firm control behind the wheel of your car. Your daily commute might involve passing over one particular pothole every day, or you might encounter a different unexpected dip or frustrating speed bump during one of your trips that causes it to behave differently. The problem is that your suspension has gotten flexed or moved in a way it wasn't intended to. Worn-down suspension components can also cause concerning problems. Here’s a closer look at the consequences of this and what to do about it.

When Do You Need Volvo Tire Alignment Service?

It's smart to get tire alignment for Volvo vehicles when you notice that your car drifts toward the left or right when you're trying to go straight. Other common warning signs to watch include:

  • Your steering wheel being crooked when your car is going straight
  • One or more of your tires wearing down unexpectedly quickly compared to the others
  • Your tires squealing
  • Noisy steering

Some of these issues can be caused by other problems besides the need for tire alignment service in Jacksonville, FL. However, whatever the cause is, it should be investigated and addressed for your safety. For example, you might need Volvo tire service in the form of a tire rotation or tire balancing to deal with uneven wear. Unfortunately, letting the problem linger increases your risk of a blowout, which can jeopardize your safety on the road.

You might also have to shop new tires if a tire's tread has worn to the point that it is under 3/32. Generally, worn tires don't provide great traction, which can be dangerous in rainstorms when the roads are slick. Tire replacements also become crucial if your tires are so unevenly worn that it's affecting your control over your vehicle.

What Does Volvo Tire Alignment in Jacksonville, FL, Involve?

During tire alignment, our professionals will use our advanced equipment to measure your wheel angles on the basis of toe, thrust, camber, and caster. To learn more about these terms, reach out to our staff. We will then realign your wheels and suspension system to return it to its correct form. During the process, we'll be on the lookout for worn suspension components as well.

How Can You Prevent Wheel Misalignment?

While it's unlikely that you're running over curbs or hitting potholes on purpose, these are the biggest culprits of issues, so try to be vigilant when driving on a certain stretch of road you know isn't well-maintained to skirt any depressions. Take speed bumps slowly, and try to keep your tires at their recommended psi as well. However, most cars will still need tire alignment once a year or so.

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