Volvo Summer of Safety Sales Event

O'Steen Volvo Cars of Jacksonville is Proud to Continue Our Commitment to Safety with the Volvo Summer of Safety Sales Event

Volvo is synonymous with safety. Some of the most innovative safety breakthroughs started with Volvo engineers and quickly spread throughout the automotive industry. That's why safety is at the forefront of the Volvo Summer of Safety Sales Event!

Since 1927, when the founders of Volvo Cars decided to focus on safety as one of the core values of the company, we have been a leader in the field. That will never change. What will change is the breadth of technologies to improve driving experiences and safety.

"Cars are driven by people. The guiding principle behind everything we make at Volvo, therefore, is and must remain, safety." - Gustaf Larson, Co-founder of Volvo

The Latest Volvo Safety Innovations

The E.V.A. Initiative has inspired simple safety changes that you can see now in the new inventory at O'Steen Volvo Cars of Jacksonville.

  • WHIPS (Whiplash Protection System): This new seat design reduces whiplash by 50 percent. The combination of head restraint and seat design protect the spine, and reduces what Volvo found was a higher whiplash rate in women. With this seat the whiplash risk is equal.
  • SIPS (Side Impact Protection System): Accounts for the anatomical differences between men and women by improving car structure and side-impact airbags. SIPS and the side-impact air bags combine to reduce severe chest injuries by more than 50 percent.
  • Inflatable Curtain Air Bag: Again, this works with SIPS to reduce overall head injuries by 70 percent. Volvo found shorter people were more susceptible to head injuries, so the side curtain airbag covers the entire window.
  • Improved safety belt: The three-point safety belt--now common in most every vehicle--was an invention that Volvo shared with the entire automotive industry for free, with the express purpose of saving lives. It's saved more than one million lives, and continuing study shows that it's effective for all, even pregnant women.


We commit to pioneering the safest, most intelligent technology solutions in mobility and everyday life 
to protect what is important to people. Most accidents occur in the summer time the XC90, and the rest of our model lineup, are designed to keep you safe during summer and all year long - whether you're a man, a woman, a child or a pedestrian. The XC90 was designed to keep you safe - from seats tested on different body types to a system that monitors blind spots.

Keep Young Drivers Safe With the Volvo Red Key

The Volvo Red Key (or restricted key) is an innovation that lets parents set parameters for the young driver in their life. It can be used to set the maximum speed, radio volume, and other important controls, ensuring your Volvo driven safely even when you're not there.

The number of new and inexperienced drivers also rises in the summer months. Help your favorite new driver stay safe by using the Red Key!

The E.V.A. Initiative

The E.V.A. Initiative (Equal Vehicles for All) is the result of more than 40 years of research--research Volvo considers important enough to share with the world.

The Volvo Research Team has data going back to the 1970s showing that crashes affect men, women, and children differently. However, many automobiles manufactured today produce vehicles based on data from male crash test dummies, leaving women at increased risk of injury.

The Volvo research includes data from more than 40,000 cars and 70,000 passengers. The findings inspired technology that Volvo is currently incorporating in its lineup of cars and SUVs.

Stop by O'Steen Volvo Cars of Jacksonville for More Information on All Volvo Safety Features

Safety has always been at the forefront of Volvo's continuing commitment to quality. You can experience the safety--not to mention the quality and performance--offered by the Volvo XC90 SUV, S60 sedan, or V60 wagon at O'Steen Volvo Cars of Jacksonville.

Our sales team can show how all Volvo safety features work together to make Volvo one of the safest lineup of cars on the road today. Visit us today to learn more about our inventory and the Volvo Summer of Safety Sales Event!

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